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Lifting & Rigging Solutions can supply all types of lifting equipment that you may require for your job.

We have top quality round slings, web slings, shackles, chain blocks and lever hoists off the shelf and ready for use, we can colour tag each item and add it to our on-line register so you can access your certificates at any time.

At Lifting & Rigging Solutions we can come out to your site and inspect all your rigging equipment and if we find anything amiss we can get it repaired and back to your workshop as quick as we can to minimise your down time. All this can be done at any time 24 hours 7 days a week (work outside business hours attracts the appropriate charge).

All items will have a certificate that you can access at any time on your on-line register for your ease.

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Alloy/Chain Slings

If you need a chain sling then LRS can help you whether it be grade 80, 100 or 120, we can manufacture from 6mm – 32mm one, two, three or four leg chain slings. All parts used are from trusted suppliers are certificates can be issued. To ensure you are getting the correct sling give us a call and to make sure you are getting to correct component so you can lift with ease of mind.

Serial Hoists

We supply a vast range of manual chain blocks and lever hoists from 250kg to 9t in the lever hoist and 30t chain blocks, call us today and we will be able to help you out with a new hoist or the repair of your trusty hoist. LRS can help if you need an electric hoist that are versatile and durable to last you for whatever application that you need.


At LRS we stock a wide range grade ‘S’ lifting shackle to suit your needs. Screw Pin, Safety Pin, Bow of Dee, we have them all just send us an email to discuss what you need. We also supply stainless steel and commercial shackle to help with those special jobs.

Fibre Rope

We can provide polyester or natural fibre rope either by the meter or by the coil and just to let you know that we can splice your rope to suit your job. So, if you need a tag line or just a rope for your pulley let us know.

Synthetic Slings

Polyester round slings and web slings are the most common lifting sling as they are easy to use and being light weight, they can be used in almost any application. All our entire synthetic slings conform to AS4497 and AS1357, we can supply any size, at any length, and even that odd length can be made up to suit you that job.

Height Safety

You just can’t skimp on your height safety equipment, a good harness and lanyard will last you 10 years if you look after it, and why shouldn’t you as it could save your life one day!!
Come to LRS as we can supply all the height safety equipment that you will need for any job, we can even tag it for you and add the item to our equipment register so you can keep up to date with your inspections.

Fabricated Items

At LRS we can manufacture any type of lifting beam, basket, forklift attachment, Oxy/Acc lifting trolley or forklift work platform and we can make them to suit your job or just grab one of our standard type items to get you out of trouble.

Girder Clamp or Trolley

Whatever size beam you have we that you need to attach a trolley or clamp then we can help. If you need and extra wide trolley or a geared trolley just give us a call and we can supply what you are looking for.

Transport/Lashing Equipment

These days you just can’t use any old lashing chain or frayed ratchet strap, so if you want to secure that load then here at LRS we can supply clip-on truck winches, replacement straps, ratchet straps, binder chains, load binders ratchet or over centre. All these items can be made up to suit any size so just let us know and we can come up with a lashing plan if you need.

Lifting Clamps

Vertical, Horizontal, Non-Marking or Universal. LRS has them all and depending what size of plate that you are lifting we can supply what is the best clamp for the job, send us an email with your enquiry and we can help you out.

Concrete Panel Lifter

When you need to lift a concrete panel into place or lift a lid let us know as we can supply all you need from the lifter to the spreader beam. We can help whenever you need.

Magnet Lifters

More and more companies are using magnet lifters to lift plate and pipe around the workshop, they are easy to use and have a safety latch so that they don’t detach without notice. We can supply from 100kg to 6t so give us a call to discuss the best magnet for you needs.

Eye Bolts

If you need an eye bolt to do your lift we can help, when you need it to swivel or lift on an angle we can supply them all.